Services “as a Service”

SNOK’s “As-a-Service” offerings are a delivery model for SAP solutions where the client pays only for what they actually use. This allows companies to focus on their core business while we take care of all aspects of SAP system management and optimization. We offer a wide range of services, from managing the SAP BASIS environment to advanced security solutions and support in the conversion and maintenance of the RISE with SAP solution. The benefits? Increased efficiency, scalability, and security, without the need to hire additional IT staff.

SNOK SAP BASIS as a Service

Comprehensive management and maintenance of SAP BASIS environments, tailored to individual client needs.

SNOK SAP Security as a Service

Advanced solutions in the field of SAP system security, including monitoring, analysis, and threat management.

SNOK SAP SOC as a Service

A Security Operations Center dedicated to SAP systems, providing continuous monitoring and incident response.

SNOK SAP on Azure as a Service

Optimization and management of SAP environments running on the Azure cloud platform.

SNOK SteadyRise as a Service

A proprietary approach to supporting clients in the conversion and maintenance of the RISE with SAP solution, filling a gap that SAP does not provide in the standard offer.

SNOK SAP Pentest as a Service

Semi-automatic penetration tests of SAP environments, identifying potential security gaps and recommending corrective actions.

SNOK SAP Optitest as a Service

Advanced performance tests and stress tests for SAP systems, with process automation and detailed analysis of results.

SNOK LogHub as a Service

A central repository for logs and events for SAP systems, with analysis and reporting capabilities.