At SNOK, we focus on practical solutions that propel your business forward, intertwining technology and business strategy into a cohesive approach. Our services, deeply rooted in SAP technology and cybersecurity, are as varied as the challenges you encounter. We craft digital transformation strategies that not only address current needs but also anticipate the future, always with your goals and aspirations in mind. Our approach to data and analytics takes your organization beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to deliver clear, valuable insights that drive your business decisions. At SNOK, we not only deliver solutions but build lasting, strategic partnerships that support your organization at every stage of its journey, with a deep understanding and commitment to your unique challenges and goals.

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SAP Security Risk Assessment and Audit – Identifying potential threats and recommending corrective actions.

Identity and Access Management – Controlling access to SAP systems to enhance security.

Security Monitoring and Alerts – Continuous monitoring and immediate threat notifications.

SAP Security Training – Educating teams on best security practices.

SAP Infrastructure Security – Physical and logical protection of your assets.

Incident Planning and Response – Quick and effective threat response.

SAP Penetration Testing – Targeted penetration tests to identify and secure potential vulnerabilities in SAP systems.

SAP Security Strategy – Development and implementation of a long-term security strategy.

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SAP BASIS Services

SAP BASIS Support and Maintenance – Continuous support and monitoring of your SAP systems.

Performance Optimization – Enhancing the efficiency and scalability of your SAP solutions.

Migrations and Upgrades – Secure and efficient data and system transfers.

Backup and Data Recovery – Ensuring business continuity and data security.

System Configuration and Tuning – Customizing SAP systems to individual needs.

SAP Landscape Management – Comprehensive management of your SAP infrastructure.

SAP Fiori and User Interfaces – Enhancing user experience through modern interfaces.

Diagnostics and Monitoring – Continuous tracking of the state and performance of your SAP systems.

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Cloud Solutions and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy – Development and implementation of a transformation plan using RISE with SAP / SAP BTP.

Cloud Migration – Secure and efficient transfer of your assets to the cloud.

Cloud Management – Optimization and monitoring of your cloud resources.

Cloud Integration – Connecting various services and platforms in a unified environment.

Process Automation and Optimization – Utilizing cloud technologies for automation and operational improvements.

Cloud Security – Protecting your data and applications in the cloud environment.

Cost Analysis and ROI – Optimizing expenditures and maximizing return on investment.

Training and Support – Assistance in adapting and utilizing new technologies.

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Data and Analytics

Data Management Strategy – Development and implementation of a data management and analytics strategy.

Data Integration – Combining various data sources into a unified repository.

Data Analysis and Visualization – Creating intuitive reports and dashboards.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics – Utilizing large data sets for deep insights.

Machine Learning and AI – Implementing machine learning algorithms for data analysis.

Business Process Optimization – Enhancing operations through data analysis.

Data Governance and Compliance – Managing data quality and regulatory compliance.

Analytics Support and Training – Education and support in data management and analytics.

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Strategic Consulting / Enterprise Architecture

Architectural Assessment – Comprehensive analysis of your SAP landscape.

Architecture Optimization – Recommendations and implementations for architectural changes.

IT Strategy and Roadmap – Development of a long-term IT strategy.

Change Management – Support in the architectural change process.

Licensing Consultancy – Cost optimization and license compliance.

System Integration – Connecting different systems in a unified environment.

Architectural Security – Protecting your architecture from threats.

Support and Training – Assistance in managing and optimizing SAP architecture.

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AI and Process Automation

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants – Creating intelligent assistants for customer and employee support.

Data Analysis and Prediction – Utilizing AI algorithms for data analysis and forecasting.

Business Process Automation – Applying AI for process automation and optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization – Applying AI for management and optimization of the supply chain.

Fraud and Threat Detection – Utilizing AI technology for identifying and preventing fraud.

Cybersecurity Solutions – Applying AI for monitoring and responding to cybersecurity threats.

Risk and Compliance Management – Utilizing AI for risk analysis and compliance monitoring.

Market Analysis Solutions – Applying AI for market trend analysis, market gap identification, and pricing strategy optimization.

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Custom Software Development – Creating personalized solutions that are precisely tailored to your business needs and objectives.

DevOps Services – Automating and integrating IT operations to increase efficiency and speed up time-to-market.

Cloud Consulting and Development – Assisting in the transformation of your IT infrastructure and leveraging the full potential of cloud technologies.

System Modernization – Transforming outdated systems into efficient, secure, and future-ready applications.

Managed IT Services – Optimizing and managing your IT infrastructure to meet dynamic business needs.

Software Quality and Testing – Ensuring the highest quality and functionality of software through comprehensive testing and audits.

Industry-Specific Solutions – Providing personalized solutions based on deep industry knowledge.

Team Augmentation – Enriching your team with top-tier professionals to accelerate success.

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Services “As-a-Service”

SNOK SAP BASIS as a Service – Comprehensive management and maintenance of SAP BASIS environments, tailored to individual client needs.

SNOK SAP Security as a Service – Advanced solutions in the field of SAP system security, including monitoring, analysis, and threat management.

SNOK SAP SOC as a Service – A Security Operations Center dedicated to SAP systems, providing continuous monitoring and incident response.

SNOK SAP on Azure as a Service – Optimization and management of SAP environments running on the Azure cloud platform.

SNOK SteadyRise as a Service – A proprietary approach to supporting clients in the conversion and maintenance of the RISE with SAP solution, filling a gap that SAP does not provide in the standard offer.

SNOK SAP Pentest as a Service – Semi-automatic penetration tests of SAP environments, identifying potential security gaps and recommending corrective actions.

SNOK SAP Optitest as a Service – Advanced performance tests and stress tests for SAP systems, with process automation and detailed analysis of results.

SNOK LogHub as a Service – A central repository for logs and events for SAP systems, with analysis and reporting capabilities.