Strategic Consulting / Enterprise Architecture

At SNOK, we understand that enterprise architecture is not just about technology but also about strategy and processes that are key to succeeding in today’s dynamic business environment. Our team of experts offers comprehensive strategic and architectural consulting that helps organizations optimize their IT environments and business processes.

Have you ever wondered how to harmonize business goals with technology? How to ensure that your company is future-ready? Our services include IT architecture analysis, data management strategy, business process optimization, and much more. All with the aim of helping your organization achieve its strategic objectives.

Architectural Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of your SAP landscape.

Architecture Optimization

Recommendations and implementations for architectural changes.

IT Strategy and Roadmap

Development of a long-term IT strategy.

Change Management

Support in the architectural change process.

Licensing Consultancy

Cost optimization and license compliance.

System Integration

Connecting different systems in a unified environment.

Architectural Security

Protecting your architecture from threats.

Support and Training

Assistance in managing and optimizing SAP architecture.