SNOK Products

SNOK products are synonymous with innovation and technological precision, supporting your business at every stage of the digital journey. Our solutions, grounded in deep expertise and experience in SAP technology and cybersecurity, are designed to maximize the efficiency, security, and scalability of your business operations. At SNOK, we not only deliver products but also tailor them to the unique needs and challenges of your organization, ensuring that the technology you implement is as dynamic and flexible as your business.

SNOK LogHub logo


Your key to effective logistics, enabling integration and optimization of logistic processes.

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Revolutionizing HR and payroll departments with SAP technology, automating and streamlining HR processes.

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SNOK SteadyRise

Your key to secure technological transformation, supporting SAP system migration and upgrade processes.

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SIEM in ABAP, providing advanced security monitoring and compliance features in SAP systems.

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SNOK LuminaGuard

An advanced tool for monitoring and protecting SAP systems, providing continuous oversight and performance analysis.

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SNOK OptiTest

An innovative solution for conducting stress-tests of SAP software, offering advanced tools and process automation.

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SNOK SneakEye

A comprehensive tool for monitoring and testing the security of SAP systems, integrating various open-source technologies and tools.

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A solution that supports the adaptation of data processing to GDPR principles and monitors their ongoing implementation, ensuring control over personal data and its processing.