Our offering includes products that complement our services.

We offer solutions that improve the level of security of SAP applications, support the compliance with the GDPR, facilitate complicated administrative tasks, and simplify the management and analysis of huge volumes of data.

We work with market leaders!

SNOK BigEye by 40Data

A solution supporting DPOs and departments responsible for compliance with the GDPR. Its main job is to support the process of search for the personal data of natural persons in digital data sets – from business applications (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) through databases ending with file systems.

SNOK SAP AzRobot by 40Data

An automated set of scripts used to facilitate the everyday work of administrators of SAP applications running in Microsoft Azure.


SecurityBridge is a modern SAP Security Platform, natively build in SAP. It uses an ABAP based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to guard your SAP landscape 24/7. Its frontend is build with Fiori, which provides you an intelligent insight on the security posture of your ABAP, Java and HANA based systems.

Azure Sentinel for SAP

Monitoring threats using Azure Sentinel for SAP makes it possible to protect SAP critical systems better and more effectively. It also boosts the potential of Azure Sentinel’s cloud-based security analytics and AI modules to support your SAP environment.


GRC Advisory's tool for automating periodic entitlement reviews based on predefined steps. The purpose of the tool is to check if the current scope of authorizations is consistent with the actual state. SmartReview helps to meet the requirements of security standards (ISO 27001) or legal regulations (SOX/JSOX, RODO).


smartAccess is a tool that allows you to assign extended privileges on production systems during failures with the definition of individual steps according to audit requirements. The tool supports the process of granting, using and reporting the performed actions with wide access. Additionally, it fully reports all actions. This information is necessary to assess the risk whether there is any abuse during the session.